Major service


Senko’s Major Services in China

Senko is operating variety of business at 13 subsidiaries in China & Hong Kong area . With our rich experience acquired through years of experiences in Japan, we support our customers with global net work connecting China and the rest of the world.

Warehouse Business

・ Senko owns warehouses from north to south, to accommodate all needs of customers. We keep the products in our warehouses always in top conditions.
・Our warehouses: bonded warehouses, non-bonded warehouses, refrigerating and freezing warehouses.
・Warehouse Management System has been installed in all of our warehouses and operated by our national staff to serve you the best.
・We offer sorting service for each designated stores across China, customized distribution processing for exports and much more.

Directly operated car transportation business

・Professional drivers educated at our driving safety school in Japan deliver your products safely and efficiently across China.
・In addition to smaller trucks suited for mid town deliveries and also larger trailers for long distance, we own two temperature-refrigerated vehicles to transport your products across China.
・All vehicles are equipped with a digital tachograph and GPS with which we monitor their operations thoroughly.

International forwarding business

・Our subsidiaries in the bay areas support import/export businesses.

・Senko support global business by offering Door-to-Door service through our overseas networks.

Commercial trading business

・Connecting overseas companies and Chinese companies, supporting overseas companies , that do not have business footprint in China, as their representative for international trading.
・Offering integrated logistics services and sales channels with the cooperation of Senko trading group and import/export group.

Cold Logistics

・A joint enterprise with SINOTRANS Group will start its refrigerating and freezing temperature transportation service in 2018.

・ In order to use the synergy effect out of Sinotrans and Senko in refrigerating and freezing logistics , we plan to build refrigerating and freezing warehouses in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and other 4 locations. We are building cold chain network in China utilizing Sinotrans network and Senko’s expertise on cold logistics.
・By improving and developing cold chain network, we want to contribute to people of China by delivering safer and higher quality foods.

Logistics Education

・Senko Group regularly offers an open lecture by our employee to students of “Shanghai Hotoku Vocational Technical School” , with which Senko Group entered in business alliance in 2016.

・We support students visiting our various depots in the Shanghai area to deepen their knowledge on logistics.

・Senko Group is planning to offer the caregiver staff of “中民居家養老産業有限公司”, which entered in business alliance with, training seminars in both Japan and China.