Message from the representative


New value proposition to customers

Amid shifting trend of our society, our every lives become very convenient . China is no exception. We now have easier access to delicious foods and the latest fashion as our every day lives became easier and enriched, and wide spread of internet and smartphones gave people easy access to variety of products.

However, no matter how convenient our time has become, all products are delivered through the economic activities called “Logistics”. The logistics service Senko Group is offering is indispensable to support people’s every day lives and all kind of industries.

Senko is committed to take a part in role-creating in the industry and will exploit the expectations of the society. We are expanding international trading business along with our logistics business. By going beyond the scope of logistics, we believe that we can truly be considered as the best partners by our customers and Chinese people.

Hidemitsu Yokota
Senko China Area, Senko Co., Ltd.