Transforming to be a trusted logistics information company domestically and globally

Senko marked 100th anniversary in 2016 since its foundation . We take our corporate slogan very seriously, “Moving Global – Beyond Logistics, Move the World, Change
Business” , and worked very hard to realize our goal. Ever since we have incorporated our first joint venture in 1994 in Dalian, we have expanded our business to now own 13 subsidiaries and branches.
We would like to express our appreciation to our customers for years of support and business partnerships.

Chinese economy is now said to have entered “New Normal”, shifting from a rapid growth to a moderate growth phase where the driving force of the economy is diversified.
In addition to the existing logistics service, we, as a logistics information company, believe that we need to develop and introduce the most innovative, efficient and the highest quality logistics which is the one of the growth driving factors.

With our knowledge and skills, Senko will actively advance into the field of “Cold Chain business”, “Fashion Logistics” and “Safety Education Business” and much more. We are determined to make sure to educate our employees safety and quality assurance, with which we have a rich experience, and provide our customers and partners the best quality services that we can offer.

Message From The Representative

A Greeting from Senko China president


Basic strategy・Corporate Slogan

A Introduction of Senko’s basic strategy and corporate slogan