Building cold logistics network to offer safe and high quality foods

Sinotran Senko International Cold Logistics (Shanghai) is an incorporated joint venture company between Senko Group with its subsidiary Runtec, and Sinotrans Air. Operating mainly in the major cities of China, we plan to build cold logistics network to offer safer and higher quality foods to contribute to Chinese dietary culture as well as lowering the food discard rate.

Basic DataBasic Data

Location c/o Rm 1411 Shanghai International Trading 2201 Yan An Road (West), Changning District, Shanghai
TEL +86-021-3275-1005 (Senko employee stationed)
FAX +86-021-6275-0160

Features・ServicesFeature & Services

Cold Logistics

・With the management resources of Sinotrans Air and skills and expertise of Runtec, we built cold warehouse in major Chinese cities.
・The first logistics center, “Beijing Center” became operational in fall of2017 and eight more centers will be opened in the next five years stating with shanghai and Nanjing in 2018.

● Warehouse

① Location: Beijing Shunyi District, Tianzhu Industrial Park(short 45 minute ride to Beijing)
② Warehouse Area: 9,256㎡, raised floor, two story high
③ Temperature range: +5℃~-25℃ (warehouse & )
④ Equipment: 16 dock shelters, 16 dock levelers, 3 cargo elevators

● Delivery vehicles

① The cargo area is partitioned into two compartments, the front and the rear , and each one is equipped with independent refrigerating and freezing equipment.
② Digital tachograph is installed on the trucks to monitor operations such as speed and the temperature of compartments for safety and quality management purpose.