Taking advantage of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, we offer bonded logistics and trade agency service.

Senko Logistics (Shanghai) has been aiming to serve the best interest and various needs of our customers using our bonded warehouses since 2005. We have started international trading agency business to offer logistics along with sales channel service between China and Japan. We intend to expand the trading business to further support our customers in the region.

Basic DataBasic Data

Locations 2F-56 Warehouse, No.273 De Bao Road, Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone, Pu Dong New Area,Shanghai
TEL +86-21-5868-4271 (Senko employees stationed)
FAX +86-21-5868-4273


General Warehouse Business (Bonded)

Storage・Material Handling・Assortment

・Sales from bonded warehouse to save customer’s
investment (tax)
・Import from multiple countries and export to multiple
・Distribution processing (repackaging, labeling, sorting etc.)
・Offers multimodal transportation utilizing our group companies for import/export , international forwarding,
customs clearance, domestic deliveries, ocean freight and
rail transportation.

① Non-resident’s Inventory keeping under foreign
company’s name
② Improvement of cash flow by savings on taxes
③ Shorten lead time of import goods

・Warehouse details
① Warehouse area 9,000m 2
② Transport equipment: 2 Cargo elevators
③ 1F: 4 Dock levers, Maximum load 2.0t/m 2

④ 2F: Maximum load 1.0 t/m2
⑤ Others: Dust Free Paint

Trading Business

・As a company located in FTZ, we trade with overseas
and Chinese companies.
・On behalf of foreign companies which do not have
footprint in China, we provide the international trading
service between China and the foreign country.
・Senko’s trading division along with import/export group cooperate to offer integrated trading and logistics services.